Umpires’ Cross

A conversation between two spectators at a junior basketball game, let’s call them Peter and Jose.Peter: “Which one is your boy?”Jose: “Why?”Peter: “I wanted to tell him how rubbish he is.”Jose: “You can’t say that he is only a kid; how would you like it if I said it to your boy?”Peter: “You have done […]

Umpires’ Cross

International Day of the Girl Child: Score Beyond

Women In Sports: Her Sport

The 11th of October 2020, was the International Day of the Girl Child; the theme: “My voice, Our equal future.” The non-governmental organization that imparts leadership skills through sports to women and girls organized an online session that featured some of its alumni members and other people that have been influential in the sports sector. The issues at hand that were addressed were the effects COVID-19 has had on the girl child in terms of welfare, education, family relations and gender-based violence, the relationship between mentorship and leadership, and the role men play in the development of the girl child in sports.

The panel consisted of Claire Lamunu a pro basketball athlete, Lydia Mbabazi alumni of Score Beyond currently on a basketball scholarship at Victory Christian Center School Carolina, USA, Bronnie Kusiima alumni of Score Beyond currently pursuing a degree in nursing at Makerere Medical School (she is currently Miss…

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More Than A Blog Site!

Until now, MyPyjamaProject has only been a single blog page site. It’s about to change. It will become a multi-page site. We’ve always had this plan, but held off until the time came. In 2019 we hope to do more together with our partners and affiliates.




Nothing super fancy, but a step ahead. 

Stay tuned for the details! 






The FIFA SCANDAL- One Sports Law Student’s Perspective… Part II

WILMELSPORT BLOG: The FIFA SCANDAL- One Sports Law Student’s Perspective

Need to read PART I?–One-Sports-Law-Students-Perspective


The FIFA SCANDAL- One Sports Law Student’s Perspective…
[PART II] WILMELSPORT BLOG: The FIFA SCANDAL- One Sports Law Student’s Perspective

*Wilmelsport Blog Contributor/Original Author Bio:

Kathryn Boyle is in her last semester of Law School at New England Law | Boston. Ms. Boyle’s interest lies in the intersection of sports, law, and business ethics. Post-graduation she aspires to practice as an employment and/or labor attorney for player associations in professional sports. (Twitter: @kayteboyle).

Investment Challenges faced by Ugandans in the diaspora

Food for thought… an African economic hurdle for the most part.

The Wire Perspective

There was a time when all that we heard about the Ugandan diaspora were tales of people going out of the country to destinations like the U.K, USA, Canada etc to do back breaking menial jobs regarded with disdain by the locals of the host countries. Over the decades however, the narrative has since changed. It is common lately to hear of Ugandans taking on high level jobs in globally renowned multinational organisations. As a result, the remittances by these Ugandans back home have grown in leaps and bounds to the extent of being recognised as one of the leading stream of money into the local economy.

Due to one reason or another, there is a desire by most of these diaspora dwellers to put up some form of investment back home. Probably they have plans to retire in Uganda when done with the globe trotting while others are simply…

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Fundraising for Long-Legged Jeans/Pants Pilot Project!

We need you to partner with this a pilot project. Yes, this partnership comes with some very cool benefits!


NationJC- Florence Mugenyi _Ifundwomen

Here is the story behind it...

I hate shopping for pants! So do my younger and older long-legged friends. “Go in the ‘Tall’ section!” is what we’re told.

Same style as the regular pants? Nah!

This is why we’re launching this pilot project. Keeping it simple for a start. We will keep building upon it as we go. Hey, join us on this adventure!!!

Yes, there are several stores that have made effort to avail jeans (and pants) for women with long legs. However, most of the time when we head to to this section, we rarely find the same style pants that we saw in the  regular section. If one is lucky enough to get a real stylish pair that fits, they are most likely more pricey.

NationJC Inc. wants to make this dream a reality for women facing this problem…

To learn more about this project and to support it, please go to ….

Thank you! Supporting #PyjamaProjects rocks!

Saturday… What Am I ‘Supposed’ to Do?

For many, this is an easy decision to make. By Friday, plans for Saturday have already been laid out and for some it’s a day to ‘chill out’ , maybe catch up on whatever Sports  or TV shows they missed during a hectic week and so on. Thanks for DVR and Netflix, Amazon TV, HBO, etc. yay! Others have classes to attend, other hobbies to enjoy, kids to bring to extra curricular activities, errands to make, friends and relatives to hang out with. not-your-creation-bw

Not that I cannot do all that or that there’s anything wrong with all the cool things, but Saturdays sometimes create a weird sense of guilt in me …  Continue reading


Here working on a project and all I am thinking is, “Why is it that when I first started on this I was so excited and motivated, but 4 hours later I feel overwhelmed and cannot stand my work area?”

Well, it’s the clutter that builds up as I find one more notepad to reference to, another computer or device I need to connect, and oh, the cup I am drinking out of to keep myself hydrated, etc! All over a sudden my bag is wide open, my cellphone(s) are right in front of me so I don’t miss that important call, and sure, the TV remote found its way to my work desk so I can switch between TV channels…

Over time, I’ve realized that keeping an acceptably clear, neat workspace allows me to do a lot more within the same amount of time. Few things I’m learning to do better…

  • Quickly list everything I have in mind to work on, on a notepad or on a notepad application page on my phone/ other device, from the get-go. (Nothing super fancy- just keep it simple.)
  • Only keep materials I need at a specific stage of the project within reach/sight. (If I have time, I will organize each material set prior to starting my work, so it’s easy to access whenever I’m ready to get it to my work desk)
  • Take beverage and food intake breaks and also use them to stretch out or listen to something fun and unrelated to my project.
  • Keep the phone at a distance and just customize the ringtone (or message sound profile) so I know when the awaited call comes in. Keep it at a moderate volume, enough to hear it go off, but not too distracting especially for calls and messages that can wait. Email notifications, I’ll keep on ‘silent’ and check/ scan at very regulated times.
  • Avoid any Social Media engagements, because I’m not so good at ignoring people especially when I think they might genuinely need an immediate response. Responding can cause distraction and can create a sense of ‘mental clutter’ caused by multitasking. If I’m caught right before I sign off to start my project, I’ll write them a quick ‘lets chat later’ and sign off, out of courtesy.
  • During project breaks, I do a quick cleanup to create space for the next stage of the work day/ project. I make effort to keep simple containers into which I return my ‘done using’ items. This is helpful for items/materials that I might need to use again along the way.
  • I have found unplugging and putting devices irrelevant to the present stage of the project away until I need them again, so I’m not having to deal with cords and the devices themselves when trying to access the ones I’m actively working with.

These are some of my strategies. I’m sure different folks have different strategies about workspace clutter-management. Yes, there are people who are not affected by clutter around their work area. For some other people, it’s inevitable to have a cluttered work area at any given time, especially when the total square footage is limited. Others are lucky they own big space and can walk away from one cluttered area and not have to look at it the rest of the day. The more space (the lucky ones have) available, the less likely the place will look cluttered. Either way, for my sanity, big space or small space, minimal tidiness enables me to do more with the same or less time.

Selena Gomez Becomes the First Person to Reach 100 Million Instagram Followers — TIME

Unbelievable! Stardom is an undeniable magnetic field for those predestined to make History. You can’t just ‘fake it til you make’ this. Of course it takes hard work, but wow, there’s a supernatural force behind this. Congrats to this figure of greatness!!!

Selena Gomez is the first celebrity to reach 100 million followers on Instagram, and she hasn’t even posted anything on her account since August. The 23-year-old actress and singer, who is currently taking a break from social media and public life because of Lupus side effects, which include anxiety and depression, ranked as the most…

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