Boston Health Agency Seeking Scheduler:

Do you have experience in Human Resource scheduling and coordinating? Even more so do you have experience in the healthcare field doing this kind of work? Are you good at coordinating schedules, interacting with outsiders and other healthcare personnel on management issues? OR: Do you know someone who does? One of our friends on this page does have an opening at a healthcare agency. Please send an email regarding this to and we will give you the details. [Location is in Boston MA, USA, suburb]

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Why Personal Credit counts when it comes to entrepreneur prospects.

It doesn’t matter how impressive a business plan is, when it comes to pushing one’s ideas beyond a sheer hobby, credit( business and personal) is key. This is an ignored aspect until reference checks and funding needs kick in.

Taking care of this issue while working on an idea or project can be very helpful and beneficial. Yes, it’s a business with its business tax identification number, but again, creditors are smart enough to know there’s an individual behind the business, who will not handle their money well, if the individual’s personal financial management is questionable.

Just some food for thought…

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