Levi’s CEO: Do the world a favor n’ wash your jeans once every 10 wears

Are you saving water or trying to save time- or both? Funny one!


I am the CEO with “dirty jeans.” Well, not exactly. My jeans are clean; I just don’t throw them in the washing machine all that much – research we began conducting in 2007 convinced me not to. Still, that insight, shared last spring at Fortune’s Brainstorm Green conference, cemented my reputation as the CEO who never washes his jeans.

Those comments could be just another moment gone viral – but with the United Nations’ World Water Day fast upon us on Sunday, the issues they raise (water stewardship, climate change and consumer responsibility) are simply too important to let the moment come and go. That’s why I’ve embraced my reputation as the CEO who says, “wash less” and why I’m proud to leverage the insight and innovation of my company to help tackle the challenge. After all, few are as well positioned as CEOs to help solve some of…

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