3 things millennials want in a career (hint: it’s not more money)



What’s the biggest incentive you can offer a millennial to come work for you instead of your competition? If you answered “more money” you need to rethink your strategy, because you might not be as attractive as you think for the generation that will soon become the majority of our workforce.

Millennials view the workplace through the same lens of new technology as any other aspect of their lives: instant, open and limitless. The era they have grown up in has shown them that nothing is a guarantee. Instability and rapid change are the norm. To millennials, time no longer equals money. It is a limited resource to be spent wisely and actively managed.

To remain competitive, businesses need a fresh approach to compensation that reflects new values, attitudes and lifestyles. Perks such as free lunch and employee game rooms are great, but here are the three core values that…

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