This college is for tech geeks — and 97% get hired

“For students willing to skip summers off and a social life, Neumont University is a viable alternative to four-year college”


“I had a blast in high school, but I didn’t think it was preparing me for real life,” says Korvyn Dornseif. The son of German immigrants who instilled in him the idea of a no-nonsense, practical education, Dornseif looked at a few conventional four-year colleges before settling on Neumont University in Salt Lake City, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in two years and his master’s in three.

“What appealed to me was that Neumont bases its curriculum on feedback from employers, and they start to talk about your career as soon as you get there,” says Dornseif, 29, who is now a vice president of project management at a division of global human resources consultant Towers Watson. “And the course work requires you to work on a team in a real company, so you graduate with experience.”

At a time when the return on investment in a traditional…

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