Saturday… What Am I ‘Supposed’ to Do?

For many, this is an easy decision to make. By Friday, plans for Saturday have already been laid out and for some it’s a day to ‘chill out’ , maybe catch up on whatever Sports  or TV shows they missed during a hectic week and so on. Thanks for DVR and Netflix, Amazon TV, HBO, etc. yay! Others have classes to attend, other hobbies to enjoy, kids to bring to extra curricular activities, errands to make, friends and relatives to hang out with. not-your-creation-bw

Not that I cannot do all that or that there’s anything wrong with all the cool things, but Saturdays sometimes create a weird sense of guilt in me …  Continue reading


MyPyjamaProject Hooded Sweatshirts Raising Funds to Support Impressive Pyjama Projects!

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A great percentage of the funds raised from sales will go to the prizes for the campaign as described below;

MyPyjamaProject is starting a #quarterly campaign to support simple, but promising #Pyjama #Projects.  We will request submissions beforehand, have special judges to choose the winners and the winning project(s) will get a monetary prize.


Please go to that link and purchase a sweatshirt to support this campaign, as a way to encourage promising grassroots innovators, creators at a very humble stage.  

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Innovation or Invention, or both?

I have thinking about this a lot recently. In a world full of “experts” and entrepreneurs, something more than improvement of an idea or product will go a long way to preserve the legacy of an individual’s creativity and the socio-economic benefits thereof.

Innovation v Invention PICInnovation, at least from this powerful article I came across on , is not irrelevant to the development of ideas and products and the writer in this article articulates that so well.

However, for those who look to not only sustain themselves via their creative work so that it should outlive them, invention is the prize to vie. Having both is even better.

Just a thought… Have a great and productive day!