You Will NOT Seek, but Be Sought After— The ‘IT Factor’ effect.

More and more I realize how important it is to take a deep exploration of uniqueness and individuality of any product or service any company or company will ever put in the market. The power of authenticity is remarkable.


I ‘m always astonished at how Apple never has to worry about who will buy their new product. Even before it’s official release, the pre-purchase volume is overwhelmingly through the roof. I had a personal experience where around Christmas time last year, I could not find an X-Box One .  Everywhere I went. I was told, “try after January 15th, maybe”.

Seasoned athletes and exceptionally talented entertainers do not have to seek sponsors or endorsements. They are pursued and found by those who seek the stars’ impression on their brand.  

All this brings it to one thing- uniqueness!  Some call it the “It Factor”. It’s valuable to anyone or whichever product/service bears it. Individuals and companies that will take the trouble and time to explore this path can go a long way in sustainable success. That said, what is your “It Factor” ?