Saturday… What Am I ‘Supposed’ to Do?

For many, this is an easy decision to make. By Friday, plans for Saturday have already been laid out and for some it’s a day to ‘chill out’ , maybe catch up on whatever Sports  or TV shows they missed during a hectic week and so on. Thanks for DVR and Netflix, Amazon TV, HBO, etc. yay! Others have classes to attend, other hobbies to enjoy, kids to bring to extra curricular activities, errands to make, friends and relatives to hang out with. not-your-creation-bw

Not that I cannot do all that or that there’s anything wrong with all the cool things, but Saturdays sometimes create a weird sense of guilt in me … “should I be working on an overdue project, should I be somewhere volunteering, or should i just sleep in and catch up on my sleep?”  Decisions, decisions!  What it all comes down to is knowing that much as everyone of these things matters, the most important thing is that I will/ should be happy at the end of the day. Whatever choice I make about my Saturday should not be based on the pressure to have something to show for the day, but on how I feel at the end of the day.

Happiness is something a lot of us sacrifice in the name of ‘making every second count’. Yes, if indulging in my overdue projects makes me happier, so be it! It doesn’t matter whether everyone around me thinks that by indulging in these projects, I do not have a life, so to say. Being true to oneself is the best way to stay happy. Happiness helps us live longer, healthier lives. Just enjoying doing what we love to do even if onlookers consider what we do boring or stressful will boost our happiness. Be oneself. I always tell myself, “Do not allow anyone to create you in their own image, ‘coz they will!”.

Have a HAPPY Saturday, however you choose to spend it.  It’s YOUR life, for crying out loud!!!